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What can Bond teach us about business?

A light hearted look at the similarities of The Bond Francise and Business by Paul Daine of Premium Collections.

Bond is back fighting all kinds of evil villains. This British institution has stretched 60 years and created one of the most profitable film franchises of all time!

But what can we take from the films and bring back into business?

Well longevity would be one of the first things. If you create a service or product that appeals to a broad audience, it assures you of a long lasting sustainable business.

Be international, if possible, obviously MI6 is the international arm of the security services and exporting gives you more options and a wider client base.

Try to embrace new technology, a good Bond film always has lots of gadgets but if the last 18 months has taught us anything it is that technology can allow us to work more efficiently, cut down costs and improve our work life balance.
Be ruthless with the baddies! What can we learn from this well in business cashflow is king and the baddies are the people who don’t pay you for the work you have done. So keep on top of your credit control and if someone looks as if they are not going to pay then hand them over to a professional debt recovery specialists.

Be high profile, although James Bond is supposed to be a secret agent, he is well known to everyone and in business it pays to be visible. It doesn’t have to mean that you network with potential customers as networking is all about being referred and the more visible you are the more fellow businesspeople will remember you and when they are asked for a solicitor, plumber or accountant they know they remember you because you are always there.

Do a good job, if Bond wasn’t good at his he certainly would be dead by now. We have over 35 years’ experience in the debt recovery business. If we weren’t good, we would never have survived that long.

Of course, Bond is not without his problems and we would not recommend the quantities of alcohol and some of his other habits. Looking at the green issue perhaps when Aston Martin produces an electric car he may be more environmentally friendly though his DB5 has been recycled a number of times!

Enjoy the film for what it is, pure escapism but remember we can all learn some lessons from the UK’s number one spy.

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Can we learn anything from James Bond when it comes to business?

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