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We love a Testimonial for our members

Testimonials are great and a recommendation from a client is worth so much so when a member of The Business Network South Manchester sends on into us we have to shout about it.

The Authentic Katy B has just shared this with us.

Limiting beliefs! Well I didn’t realise how many I had, during my Practitioner training with Katy she discovered how I had been holding myself back so much and basing my then life on previous events that had happened stopping me from doing things, growing and living my life to the full.

Katy guided me through Timeline Therapy for limiting beliefs, the changes in my life have been truly amazing for me, my mindset is now one of doing something rather than thinking about why I can’t or shouldn’t do it

I didn’t think that things could change much more Katy helped me to think as more of a whole very often I would think about doing something, part of me would think one thing and part of me would think another, Katy used parts integration to bring my thinking back to a whole.

These have been lightbulb moments for me and looking back I can’t understand why I did the things I did.
Thank you Katy you’re a great coach and I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone.
Sharon Shepherd.

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