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Unlock Peace of Mind with Sinclair Law Solicitors’ Lasting Power of Attorney Services πŸ”’

Business Network South Manchester member Jobeth Coping-Barrett of Sinclair Law discusses Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Are you prepared for life’s unexpected twists and turns? Sinclair Law Solicitors, led by the highly experienced Jobeth Copping-Barrett, offers unrivalled expertise in Wills & Probate services, bringing you the assurance you need for an unpredictable future.

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What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

Picture this: you’re unable to make decisions about your finances or health due to unforeseen circumstances. This is where a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) steps in. An LPA is a legal document empowering your chosen individuals, known as ‘attorneys,’ to act on your behalf in crucial matters, from financial affairs to health and welfare.

Β Why Sinclair Law Solicitors?

✨ Free 30-minute consultation tailored to your needs

✨ Jargon-free, friendly service for your peace of mind

✨ Avoid costly mistakes and delays with expert guidance

✨ Dedicated solicitor support through every step of the process

✨ Transparent pricingβ€”no hidden surprises

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Meet Your Key Contact: Jobeth Copping-Barrett

Jobeth, our Head of the Private Client Department, is dedicated to guiding individuals through emotionally challenging times. Known for her compassion and support, Jobeth ensures that every client receives the care they deserve.

Lasting Power of Attorney FAQs πŸ”

What is an LPA?

An LPA is a legal document enabling appointed attorneys to make decisions on your behalf when you can’t, whether this is short or long-term, covering financial, health, and welfare matters.

Why should I have LPA?

Health conditions can make decision-making impossible. Without an LPA, you may find that you are restricted in managing your own assets and affairs: in the event you become immobile, or visually impaired (for example). Or, your family may face time-consuming and expensive legal processes.

How do I make LPA?

Our expert solicitors can assist you in making an LPA, whether online or using paper forms. Registration is essential, and we guide you through the process seamlessly.

What if I don’t have LPA?

Without an LPA, a court-appointed deputy may handle your affairs, incurring additional fees and delays. Joint assets could be restricted, causing financial strain.

How much does LPA cost?

Secure your future with an LPA assisted by Sinclair Law Solicitors: from Β£350 for a single person and Β£500 for a couple.

Ready to Safeguard Your Future?

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our expert solicitors in Wilmslow or Bramhall. Call: 01625 526 222 or visit www.sinclairlaw.co.uk

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