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Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Business Network members Alex and Paul Dodgshon explore the businesses operating in the second hand market and the potential value in this sector of the retail market.

Spring is a time of change and renewal. The change in season can be uplifting, inspiring us to set about clearing out the shed, garage or attic, preparing our homes and gardens for the warmer months, or even preparing to sell up. After all, March is typically one of the most popular months to start looking for your next home.

Decluttering often culminates in selling items we don’t need in second-hand marketplaces. There will always be a buyer who perceives value in someone else’s unwanted items. Deciding whether or not there is value in a second-hand business is a little more complex and subjective. In this post we’re going to apply the principles of selling pre-loved items to building value in a pre-loved business.


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