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Impeccable timing – it’s everything in business sales – or is it?

For many people, they will own one business and they will sell that business just once. As a broker, having the impeccable timing to contact that particular business owner at just the time they want to sell their business is a million to one shot. But then that’s the same for many other businesses too.

When do we take notice of insurance? When our renewal is due. The rest of the year we pretty much ignore it. And that’s why insurance companies always ask for other renewal dates, when you’re buying motor insurance. It helps them get their timing right.

What about engineering companies? If there’s a regular order for consumable parts, okay. But how can they anticipate when a drive shaft cracks and will need replacing? They can’t.

What good businesses do is keep in touch. Regularly, repeatedly, but not annoyingly 😡 . It’s a skill that has to be learned.

When the timing is right for your client, if you’ve kept in touch, you will be on their call lists.

If you don’t keep in touch, someone else certainly will.
Alex Dodgshon

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