Our next South Manchester event

Thursday 17th January

Pinewood on Wilmslow, 12 noon - 2.00pm- Handforth, SK9 3LF


Time - Registration 11.00am for a prompt 11.15am start

Presenter - Louise Mosley from NB Coaching

Topic - Can Defining Your Why Help You Stand Out From The Crowd?


At networking meetings how many times do you hear all about what people do during their introduction? Compare this to the number of times you hear about Why people do what they do? During this interactive workshop we discuss how you can define your Why, and how you can use this to enhance you plans for 2019.


When we are bombarded with information from both online and face to face events it is a challenge to get your message heard through all the noise and even if it is heard, who can remember what's been said?!

If you have ever spent time trying to refine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), what makes you different from your competitors, you can be left feeling that the output is still somewhat generic, yet your Why, Your Purpose is totally unique to you.

About The Presenter:

Louise, the owner of NB Coaching, has over 20 years' experience in Sales & Marketing and personal development, from working in pharmaceutical sales to managing hotel reservations in Honduras.

Louise works with business owners to help them focus on their areas of strength, where they add the most value to their business, activities they have a skill and passion for!


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Louise Mosley

Louise Mosley

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Come and join us at


Thursday 17th January

Pinewood on Wilmslow, 12 noon - 2.00pm

What members and guests say

"It was a really enjoyable event. Professionally run in a quality hotel with quality people and food. Well Done Karen!"

John Redfern
John Redfern Associates

"Not only does Business Network make sense financially, it's a huge asset to business owner/managers and the 'lonely at the top' syndrome. There's a huge wealth of knowledge and regional business information within the South Manchester branch, high quality businesses and a tangible community feel about the whole group. If I need a contact or expert advice, or if I'm struggling with something, there?s always someone I can call and get a result. When you're running your own business, being able to access that support and 'business intelligence' is invaluable. So for me, South Manchester Business Network isn't just a professional networking group; it's a natural extension of my own business."

Penny Lines
No Nonsense Marketing