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A list of all our forthcoming events.

  • October: Thursday 12th, Manchester Airport Marriott, 12.00 noon - 2.00pm

    Time - Registration 11.00am for a prompt 11.15am start

    Presenter - Martin Jones From Red Design

    Topic - SEO, The Dark Arts & Rocket Science...

    Synopsis:How to get clarity, results and value for money from online marketing. For many, SEO has rightly become a four letter word. Opaque language, misleading reports and lack of targets make it impossible to know what you're paying for, or hope to achieve. SEO is just a processes, a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. The processes of good SEO are more akin to servicing a car than rocket science or alchemy. So don't let anyone convince you otherwise!Content:1.What is SEO?2.How can SEO benefit your business?3.Myths of the self-proclaimed 'Gurus' and 'Ninjas'4.Setting a brief and asking the right questions.5.Getting control, accountability and clarity.About The Presenter:Martin Jones has been in the design and web industry for 22 years and is in the 15th year of running Red Design. Martin's areas of expertise have been led by the needs of his closest, long-term clients. With the blossoming of online marketing, Martin has come to realise the one thing his clients want above all else, is someone they can trust.

  • November: Thursday 2nd, Pinewood on Wilmslow, 12.00 noon - 2.00pm

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  • December: Thursday 14th, Pinewood on Wilmslow, 12.00 noon - 2.00pm

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Networking Working

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Thursday 12th October

Manchester Airport Marriott, 12.00 noon - 2.00pm

What members and guests say

"3 years! Its seems like only yesterday that I was fighting my way through the Cheshire lanes to the launch of a brand new networking group.These days, new networking groups seem to spring up like weeds, but this one WAS different. It ticked all my boxes and I decided to join at that launch meeting.And I'm still there after three years, because it did deliver on those initial expectations, and continues to do so!!Why do I continue to like The Business Network?Three Simple Reasons:1 - Its a pleasurable experience. Great lunches in nice locations each month. A structured meeting format, but not rigid. Great educational seminars. Meeting decision makers not salesmen as fellow members. Importantly , you feel you are among friends, all willing to help you.2 - It helps my business. As a digital marketing consultancy, the majority of our clients come through referrals. I have been introduced to a number of new clients by fellow members and met great companies to partner with through the network.3 - You don't know when you will meet your next client! As host, Karen works hard to attract new people to every meeting. As well as growing the membership, these visitors help to keep the meeetings fresh and dynamic. And hopefully some may need our Internet Marketing services!Happy 3rd Anniversary!"

Andy Wooles
WSI Internet Marketing

"The Business Network South Manchester has undoubtedly facilitated steady growth in my business during the last year whilst increasing the number of invaluable contacts within my networking circle and I'm confident this will continue through into 2012.Your meetings are always well structured, productive and uplifting - what more could you ask of networking?I would not hesitate to recommend The Business Network South Manchester to all my associates and wish you continued, and much deserved, success in the coming year."

Tracey Richley